Biggest Overhaul?

What team will change this most this off-season?

I can see Orlando creating some havoc losing T-Mac and Grant Hill.

I see Jerry West making some moves in Memphis.

Swift, J-Will, outlaw, and wright could be gone.

Grizz interested in signing Dampier and others to be named later.

Definitely Atlanta they could have four-five new starters.

LAKERs...they will lose Malone and Payton...and MAYBE Kobe.

expect some big changes in dallas too, cuban's no dummy, he knows nellie's got to go and we need to make some effort to play d.......he knows this right? guys? *crickets*

I heard Dallas is interested in Greg Ostertag..As if this is going too solve their defensive rebounding

come on now man rebounding was never a problem for dallas, on both ends they were great on the boards


lol i loved how every time dallas would shift to a zone one of the announcers would mention it

"dallas going to a zone defence"

no shit sherlock!

aren't both vince carter and donyell marshall leaving the raptors? i don't see them being contendors at all but it sounds like they will doing some serious rearranging

It is going to be a fun offseason!

Houston needs to lose Francis and Mobley. Jersey has to do sumthang about the center spot.

*stabs pin in Steve Francis Voodoo doll*

I am hoping JVG rips it up this summer.