Biggest raise or pay increase you've received...

Can be staying in same job, promotion related, or career change based. Since we have a wide range of people here, let's talk %. What % of your prior salary was the raise? For example, if someone earns $100,000 per year, and gets a raise to $125,000 then their raise was a 25% raise. Phone Post 3.0

Mine was a 60% raise when I switched from public school teacher to full time graduate professor/ doctoral researcher. Phone Post 3.0

Actually, McDonalds corporate is supposed to be pretty good to work for. Phone Post 3.0



ive had years where my pay went down 40-70%

Biggest was a while ago when I went from a shit job I hated to a job I actually wanted.

I accepted the new job based on a salary figure that was a 21% increase from my shit job. After 3 months of training at the new job, they floored me with a completetly unexpected raise that made it a total improvement of 34% [from the shit job].

I went from $30K to $45K to $69K with 3 different companies in 5 years.


Now Im making shit ....

I'm potentially looking at a promotion at the end of the month which includes a 50% raise. Phone Post 3.0

Went from making 50k-85k in 2 yrs. Phone Post 3.0

I was making 60k a year my first year out of Highschool. Second year I made 100k for the next 2 years I made 110-120k. Then I quit that job because I was miserable. I made less than 25k for a while now, and now I'm self employed. Don't know how much I'll make this year.

But I've never been happier. Phone Post 3.0