Biggest red flags a girl has thrown up when you first met her?

We used to call it the credit card swipe.


Me too…I was like, is there a female OGer, or…

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“I think I’m falling in love with you!” - 3 hours into our first AND ONLY date…

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Gee. What are the chances…

Well? Who won the fight?

haha…I can see the confusion.

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But you married ‘her’ anyway

First woman with kids that I ever dated (&to date the last) slept with my best mates girlfriend who I was living nextdoor with along with my friend on the same night I’d introduced her to my mother and her partner inviting them over to for a big dinner etc to see how grown up I had become but didn’t anticipate her scissoring around under the in lemon tree in the front yard after the drinks had flown and the guest’s had gone that bicth would go full divac .

Interesting how two stories that seemingly start with super hot girls both end on a homoerotic tone.
So how did your “streetfight” end (the one where you whispered to do it outside the house)?