Biggest Secrets in Jiu-jitsu

  1. Pequeno's 10 Finger Guilitine

  2. Kron's 1/2 Guard Top Choke

  3. Rener/Ryron's Footlock

  4. Rickson

5) Why you are such a gracie nut hugger? j/k

Sorry couldn't help it you left the door wide open bro LOL

lol, Fatbuddha=Rorion, imo, keep it a secret my friend.

lol @ 4. Rickson. I wonder if Rickson knows his BJJ is argued online 24/7, and that he is considered international man of mystery?

"where moreira got his bb from?" lol :)

Any one mocking moreira's black belt, please leave an address so I can write you a letter . . . ;)

Kron's half guard top choke?  What is that?

Sorry, can't ell you. It's a secret.

Bood - this is much better understood than the analogies thing!!

How about the guy that does those video reviews...Bill Lewis?

Secret: whether Rickson would win his weight division at the Mundials.

Shad, I think you'll find he was the Middle Weight and open weight World BJJ champion for 2 decades. Though which 2 decades seems to be a bit of a mystery!

fb is luke benson brother,which makes him a gracie

Biggest Secret: "When will I get my blue belt?"

''Rener/Ryron's Footlock''

How is this footlock a secret? Are we referring to the side pressure applied?

Honest question.

many thanks

lol, thanks 12

Secret: What is the Bond-oplata?

How about spilling the beans on these secrets?

shad marcos got his black bro :) Adrain and Gus too :)


I can do the tenfinger guilliotine, and Rener himself taught me his foot look!