Biggest smack talker in MMA

Which MMA talks the most trash via being pre-fight, post-fight, hyping up a fight, during fight, in interviews, etc?? Which MMA fighter falls under all these categories??

chael sonnen

 Frank Mir is up there for sure.

trigg and lindland maybe

Amir "Baboo Baby" Sadollah

Now THAT's a guy who talks some vicious smack!

Diaz and Baroni

Monsters Ball - BJ

Brock? Really? Maybe about Mur but that's because Mur is always running his mouth.

There's certainly more of them doing it & reaching more people too.

Frank SHAMROCK was always good at selling himself.


Matt Serra. I mean, the guy shittalked GSP and Rich Franklin (though not to his face).

"Baroni Bushido same thing same fuckin thing"

i'm gonna go with frank mur.

MIR is smart and is a confident & articulate speaker. MOST times thats the case with the mouthy guys.


Mir is a business man and does what he has to remain relevant. I am a big fan, so that is not a dig on him, as stated earlier, he is smart when he comes to that.
For pure venom, you have to go with the Brothers Diaz. They bring it before, during, after, on the ramp, on the plane. You got to love dudes who can get beat and still run their mouth. Defeat is nothing if you can call the other guy an A-hole! And it still bothers the opponent! That is true smack!

Rampage isn't too bad at smack. Remember the constant Wandy bad breath remarks during guest commentary spots on Pride?

Nick Diaz


i could listen to Semtex talk all day

Tank Abbott

"the law" linland has some classic trash talk

 Tito "I'm gonna cave in _____'s skull" Ortiz.  Or his other famous ones about killing someone, etc.