biggest threat to a Spurs Dynasty

biggest threat to the Spurs running the table in the next 5 years isn't Shaq, isn't the Fading Lakers, isn't Lebron, isn't the Suns and their bandwagon fans, or any of dose tings.

The biggest threat : POOR Ownership.

Spurs ownership is hella poor. Poorest (or tied) in the league. Their chairman, who owns the biggest chunk at %30 or so, is Peter Holt, net worth about $80 million. Then a bunch of other people and companies own small stakes, none of whom are willing, some not even capable of absorbing losses for the sake of winning. Hell SBC which supposedly still owns a chunk lays people off even when they're making money, they're not about to lose money on sports.

This sort of thing has already impacted this season. Malik Rose was traded not to get Nazr Mohammed, but to get rid of his escalating contrat, and with it 2 first round picks and their guaranteed contracts. Now Malik's might have been big, but when compared to the rest of the NBA teams and their stupid deals, it's not that bad.

They also almost let Tony Parker walk into restricted free agency over a lousy 2 million over 6 years. Only a public outcry and Tim Duncan pleading with ownership did they finally agree, after Parker had already come down a great deal to stay in San Antonio. Pop wanted it done, but it took Duncan and the city crying about it for it to finally happen.

This will only get worse as time goes by and the 12.5% raises per year kick in for the contracts of Duncan, Manu and Parker, to say nothing of a guy like Rasho.

Next summer the Spurs are all but guaranteed to bring in superArgentine Luis Scola for some part of the MLE. Supposedly for 3 years, and then they'll have Bird rights to sign him for whateva, and not get screwed like Cleveland was with Boozer being restricted after 2 years.

But say Scola develops the way so many think he will (or already has and just has to continue on the NBA stage), what good would that do? 3 years from now the contracts of Duncan Ginobili and Parker will be a stranglehold on a team so damn poor like the Spurs are, so the likelihood of Scola, or ANY player being kept now is highly unlikely.

It's unfortunate that the Spurs don't have some billionaire at the wheels, willing to lose it to get the rings. Hell, plenty of teams lose millions upon millions, and don't even make the playoffs. Paul Allen, I'm looking in your direction. They need someone with the money of Mark Cuban who will sit back and let RC Buford and Pop do their thing, while just committing to paying whatever it takes to win.

Holt is cool and all, hell he even went through hell in Vietnam, getting shot in the neck and playing dead in a field of dead US soldiers where he was the only survivor for a day before the US could retake the position and get him out of there. Sucks that on national broadcasts no one brings these kind of interesting things up, that or his battle with alcoholism. Guys like Cuban and Buss get all the attention.

But for the Spurs to be a true, legend making earth shattering dynasty, they need someone with da big bucks to come in, promise the city that the team won't be moving, pay the money, and watch dem rings pile up.

link to nba owners and their wealth:

the spurs are probably the one powerhouse in all of sports that i really dont dislike, its pretty hard to dislike that team except for tony parker since hes french

he's only half french, his fofo is an american brother.