biggest weekend in mma history!!!!

So the announcement has been made and "Showdown" and Mike McNeil have set the stage for Canada to showcase to the world our talent pool. Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy of Vernon B.C. will play host to the biggest weekend to ever be put together in our sports history bar none!!! Friday Sept 17th will start the weekend off with a bang as Shut-up and Fight opens the octagon doors to stage two, yes thats right two eight man tournaments , with four Americans and four Canadians in each the 185lb and 155lb catagory. Friday will be the first and second round of this "flag challenge " between Canada and the United States.Canadian fighters want a venue to be seen by American magazines and fight Americans this is it!!!

Saturday morning starts off with a seminar by none other then Eddie Bravo himself ( thats right folks in Canada ) then we throw in a little ADCC trials action for some of the top grapplers in the world to strut their stuff. How about a open grappling tourney with cash prizes? would that make things better? you know if Jason and Leslie have their wallets open we aren't talking peanuts either!!!

Now lets grab some dinner and head over to the arena to see Shut-up and Fight and the finals of the dual 8 man tournaments ( with your Canadian flag in tow we hope ) add to that two and yes again I say two HUGE superfights . So after you finally stagger back to your room after the awesome after party at the host bar and the academy you can grab maybe an hour nap because you have to get up to make it to the second part of Eddie Bravo's seminar at the academy. HOLY SHIT what a weekend.

Take Leslie Dickens, Jason Darrah, Shut-up and Fight , Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy, add a huge cup of Showdown, stir in a big helping of Mike McNeil put a little of every magazine and web site in the world their with camera's and micrphones in hand and what do you get????


Leslie Dickens

Shut-up and Fight,

Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Unbelievable........ I can't wait.

I look at this post and think of everything else I can add that we are planning on putting on on this packed weekend and I think it's only appropriate i just say

Sept 17th, 18th, 19th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think three more exclamations would do justice !!! their thats fine

Holy Sh!t. Glad you guys didn't let the events of last year stop you. This is huge news for Canadian MMA!

Best of luck
Uncle Gord

oh snap! wish I could be there

Nothing sweeter then after less then 6 months being able to announce:

1.Shut-up and Fight is back and will be every eight weeks, sanctioned,insured,legal, UFC rules,octagon cage
2.we are opening the top Academy in the country that rivals almost any place in Canada and the United States
3. Shut-up and Fight Bad Ass Clothing will be sponsoring a huge fighter in the next few weeks to strut our own line of wears ( give me a couple more days to finalize)
4. dual tournies, still Canada vs United States , big names, big fights
5. Jason Darrah throws his hat in the ring for fighter management and starts by booking his guys in Guam, and Matt Lindlands Sportfight in Portland

Ya I think we have survived , coped and overcome , all that Chicken soup for the soul crap and come back BIGGER and badder then ever baby!!! we aren't going anywhere

Leslie Dickens

SICK NEWS !!! Les, give me a call when you get a chance, I'm sure
you're a busy man now, but whenever you get a minute will be
great !

Thank you sir !


Great news. I think I'm going to have to make it out that weekend.

Who is the matchmaker for SUAF?


Did I mention fighters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, skill and sanity levels:

"huge cup of Showdown" I bet Joe paid you to suggest his cup would be huge. The reality of the situation is that Joe likes Dolphins (in an unconventional, and frankly unhealthy, way) :)

Finally, this announcement is HUGE news for Canadian MMA!!!

Happy to be part of a tight team of guys that are in the sport for the long haul and the right reasons.The Showdown team, Joe, Paul, Danny, Mike Mc Neil Jason Darrah these are the people who are going to take Canada into the future, I am just along for the ride, yeeeeee haaaaah!!

Leslie Dickens

Sounds cool as hell, can't wait to see the line-ups for the two MMA tournies.

I hope DVD's will be released soon after the events occur!

Keep in touch! ;-)

Also should have some amateur guys for the undercard!


" Showdown team, Joe, Paul, Danny, Mike Mc Neil Jason Darrah these are the people who are going to take Canada into the future, I am just along for the ride, yeeeeee haaaaah!! "

I caught you in your first lie Mr.Dickens. We are all one piece of the puzzle. You're as big a part of this, if not BIGGER, than anyone else. So stop

Seriously bro...this is a dream come true on sooo many levels. I can't wait.


I just had a great conversation with Les this morning...time to

I'll bring the snacks for the plane ride over ! You bring the new
Laptop, I'll bring the DVD's.

Time to rock and roll once again my friend !


Allow me to be the first to officially welcome the fine broadcast team of Joe and JT back behind the mics where they belong!

Thank you Jon. Your friendship is a key reason why things
continue to run smooth.



loaf=in the 155 lb 8-man tourney?

Is there like a package deal for everything included?

If your coming from out of province?