Biggest White Apologist ever!


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I'd like to point out that he is technically not an apologist. I can see how OP uses the incorrectly in this case, since basically his professional goal in life is to apologize for who he is.

An apologist is somebody who argues (usually with a large degree of emotional rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty) on behalf of a controversial group or position. So an apologist for slavery would be one of those people who say "Well, they had free food, a roof over their heads...a lot of them got Christmas off with a big chitlin feed from Massa."

This guy is a professional sophists, like most apologists, but there are definite similarities here. But like I said, I don't technically think you can call this guy a "white apologist." He would be an example of highly intellectualized white guilt.

I suppose you could say he is an apologist for the concept of white privilege.