Bike workout

Appart from Taku's interval, do you guys have any suggestion on bike workouts i could do?

how many things can you do with a bike man? You pedal it.

Find a hill. Ride up it pushing the pace. Grade should be from 4-6%, distance from 1-4 miles. On the 1-2 mile hills you can do repeats. Wear a HRM and get an idea of the zone you're riding in and a couple times a week push into the 90-95% range.

 Here is an indoor Bike workout. The levels were designed for a Life-Fitness, Lifecycle (although any bike would do.) You could also (as was stated above) do these types of workouts on an outside bike. I used to just pick a bunch of big hills and ride, up-hill, for ten minutes.

Stationary bike workout

Equipment used: Life Fitness Stationary Bike

Exercise time: 30 seconds

Rest interval: 1 minute and 15 seconds

Work level: Level 12 (use lower level if you’re unable to complete 10 reps)

RPM’s: 130 - 140

Number of reps: 10

Begin pedaling slowly and touch START. Next touch MANUAL, followed by LEVEL. Enter LEVEL 12 and immediately begin pedaling rapidly until your RPM’s reach at least 130. Continue pedaling for 30 seconds keeping your RPM’s between 130 and 140. Stop pedaling and rest for 1 minute and 15 seconds. Continue this sequence until you have finished ten reps.

Cool down for three minutes. This workout

will take approximately 17 minutes to complete.



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truckman9 - how many things can you do with a bike man? You pedal it.

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