Biker Gives Finger Collide Dumpster (vid)

It's pretty graphic. I wouldn't watch it twice.

Beware!! Phone Post 3.0

Biker Gives Finger Collide Dumpster.

He scratched his leg ya pusstwat Phone Post 3.0

LOL I thought the driver was coming back to shoot him Phone Post 3.0

I was going to embed the video but when I saw the thumbnail I thought I better not, unless you can put a GRAPHIC warning in the thread title.


Peeled his knee right open!


How on earth did that driver refrain from giving the loudest Nelson Laugh before he sped away?

'Tis but a scratch!

Damn Phone Post 3.0

Silly cunt Phone Post 3.0

Walk it off bro... Phone Post 3.0

He won't do that again in a hurry Phone Post 3.0

When I was working road construction in the early 2000's in Mendicino county, CA. The was a long 2 lane stretch we were working on that turned a 15 minute trip into a 2 hour trip and the locals were understandably pissed.
One day when we were finishing up and traffic started going we were bs'ing by the road and we hear someone yelling at us. We look and see a cherried 1968 corvette and the guy was cussing at us and flipping the bird not paying attention to the traffic in front of him. He hit a semi going about 20-25 miles an hour and destroyed the front end of his car. Everyone started laughing and pointing, I thought we were going to get shot at during the next week. Phone Post 3.0

Walk it off ya pussy Phone Post 3.0

Renato Laranja? Phone Post 3.0

BumSpud -

'Tis but a scratch!

A mere flesh wound! Phone Post 3.0

Mike Bispings Beautiful Hair -
BumSpud -

'Tis but a scratch!

A mere flesh wound! Phone Post 3.0
He's pretty fucking luck. Could have been ended in an amputation. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty lucky that he just got stitches? Phone Post 3.0

Lol fuck em Phone Post 3.0

Hoad hage gone hong Phone Post 3.0