There arent many left in Washington anymore lol. Its mainly Bandits and bandit duck clubs.


Seems to be a trend with the Mongols and Outlaws too.

I’d watch it on YouTube.


Virgin, the whole thread is roasting you

I notice HA’s say charter and other groups say chapter. Also, HA’s do not have an international president or any national president. They have president of Westcoast including Hawaii and Alaska and other presidents for other parts of US territories.

If you are on here and I am ignoring you…it is probably because I muted you. It is rare that I mute someone but if you were muted, you must really be a POS…lol.

You’re not ignoring me, you replied to me, faggot

Now the thread is really laughing at you


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Sons of Anarchy is my favorite series on television ever. My two sister calico cats are named Dawn and fawn after tig’s daughters


Imagine being such a cock faggot you can’t make really friends legally

What is meth like?

I was watching a cool show on Hulu called Gangland Undercover which is a true story of a guy who joined the Vagos so that he would not have to go to jail. I live close to their High Desert club but I have only seen them in public one time at a grocery store. It was like seeing a unicorn…lol. I also seen Mongols a few times on the freeway which was rare. Growing up in Northern California, I have seen HA’s over a dozen times randomly on the freeways.


I was watching a cool documentary called Pulp Fiction where there was this biker with a zipper on his mouth in the basement of a pawn shop.


Anddddd here he comes

As a person that supports the ignore feature. Let’s be real here. Making fun of MC members is not being a piece of shit. Making fun of people who make a living from crime or relish in the lifestyle from that reputation would not make someone a POS. You seem to have some kind of weird worship of them.


You blocked your profile Vandalz…Touche!

You blocked your profile Vandalz…Touche!

Who are you talking to, faggot? My profile isn’t blocked as far as I know. What do you want to know? My 06 join date?

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Sorry but you are just a dickhead. I tried to be respectful…read my replys. You give me a headache with all of your negativity.

If I want your opinion I’ll fucking fart.

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