Bikram / Hot Yoga??

I enjoy it. It is VERY tough. It feels very athletic.

I have been doing this for a couple weeks to supplement my regular training.

It is very hard and I feel like it is a good workout.

The thing is, I'm not sure if it is the heat (105 degrees) or the 26 poses that are pushing me.

Is this the best yoga for an athlete???

My goal is increased flexibility and core strength.

I'll throw a ttt at the bad ass post that Robert just dropped.


Don't mean to highjack this thread but nowaydo, could you post
some more info on the Kest workshop when it's over? I'm sure I'm
not the only one who will appreciate it.

Great stuff Nowaydo! I just recently finished doing a solid week of Bikram yoga in order to rehabilitate my back, which kept getting injured from grappling. After a week of yoga, I'm back in the game! I found the Bikram yoga a great workout and very useful to correct the "damages" caused by my training.

I have both of Beryl Birch's books on Power Yoga. I'm going to Thailand in a week for 2 months and I'm going to bring the first book to practise the yoga described. I definitely prefer any of the heated, power-yoga type styles than the "softer" styles.

I have Kesting's Kneebar and Omoplata. I found the material extremely good and I thought Kesting was a great instructor. I wasn't interested in getting his Power Yoga before, but after reading your post I'm reconsidering it.

Looking forward to your further thoughts on the matter!


I take a power yoga class as well. Yoga saved my back as well. I'd go try a few different power or ashtanga yoga classes until you find one that really wipes you out. Some teachers are really into punishing the students. :)


Any Kest videos that you recommend?