Bill and Melinda Gates are Divorcing

Someone’s going to have to defrag that pussy

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getting out before the bullshit claims of philanthropy are exposed for gross hysterical business profit

here’s to hoping they both get burnt in effigy

just as long as she’s alive to know she’s garbage

LOL at the people automatically assuming it is the females fault. I mean it no way could be the male that wants to put microchips into every human to track them or the male that has become the biggest owner of private farm land in America even though he has never been a farmer.

Seriously the ones that automatically assume the female is wrong always sound like children.

Here comes the money laundering through the divorce

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So will she now be the richest women in the world? Not earning the money doesn’t seem
to be a barrier to chicks appearing on that list.

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It’s crazy how people are unironically talking about the evils of patriarchy, glass ceilings etc all the while we let divorcees and widows wield raw money power they would have never gotten in the first place.

There is no difference to letting a general’s widow wage a war. It makes no sense.

Ostracism was a great practice and we should not have these billionaire geeks (especially Bezos, Musk seems ok in my book) get to have so much say on how to run society. But this is taking it to the next level.

Maybe they just got sick of each others little annoying habits after raising a family.

Also one of the bug reasons people don’t split up is because of the hassle of splitting assets and potentially having a much lower standard of living afterwards once your wife rinses you.

The rich have no such concerns, they just move to a different mansion.

I hope he can afford a good lawyer.

He should be able to afford a Mossad assassination team

they are doing this to humanize bill gates due to all the negative press.

the great reset is so important to them they will use this to humanize the bill and melinda gates thing


they are facing huge hurdles getting the vax passport regime going

they need some strong sigma level shocks to the system at this point

A huge divorce like this will create “stories” about the bill gates family… and will cause some empathy… and they will probably insert vax propaganda within all the gossip and personal testimonies

remember this whole thing is a script

just merge stepford wives with truman show… and that is our clown world reality in 2021




Underappreciated comment…

The marriage crashed.

Her Windows of time changed her Outlook.