Bill Belichick...overrated?

Take it from Joe Cool himself

I’d hire him today and fire everyone else.

He’s a cunt. But a cunt that wins.

He would have been just another coach had Brady never walked into his gym. Brady, on the other hand, would have made any coach look good

Different conversation.

Brady is the GOAT of accomplishment and Montana would be crazy to deny it.

But if I’m building a super team to be the best team possible – I’m taking Montana over Brady (though it’s close), and Walsh over Belichick easy.
And I tend to think most people would agree if they’re being honest.

Put it this way…

If the football gods were building the ultimate team, Walsh would be the Head Coach and Belichick would be his Defensive Coordinator.
Zero doubt.

Anybody who would take Montana over Brady is insane. Montana was a great qb but his best attribute was his smarts. He never lost a game with mistakes. Brady has that level of smarts and is 10x the athlete Montana ever was. Walsh versus Belichick is a tougher one. Walsh was maybe the best innovator ever where Belichick may have the best prepared coach ever. Don Shula and George Allen deserve to be n ant goat coach conversations.

This statement is insane.

I said it’s close, and it is.

Joe Cool played in an era when they could kill QBs AND receivers.
Joe would absolutely be an MVP candidate every year in today’s NFL.
Imagine what guys like Steve Young and Dan Marino would do…sheesh.

I’m a big Tom Brady fan, but in terms of peak ability there are a handful of guys who give him a run for his money.
Career-wise he has no competition.

Bb is basically going through a rebuild he is not overrated

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah, it’s no contest.

You could even throw in the Young/Seifert years and Brady/Belichick is still better.

On paper …sure.

Brady definitely made Belichick greater, but Belichick already had a couple of Super Bowl rings before Brady arrived. He was already a great coach (though he hadn’t yet established himself as a great head coach).

I disagree about Brady making any coach look good. A lot of coaches would never have given him a chance. Just look at how Lloyd Carr handled him in college. Brady languished for two years as a clipboard holder behind Scott Dreisbach and Brian Griese, then spent two years splitting time with Drew Henson because Henson was a much better athlete and a super-stud five-star recruit.

Throw Brady on a different NFL team and his low draft status and atrocious athletic ability may very well have kept him on the bench while more athletic guys with a higher draft pedigree got the snaps. Not a lot of coaches would have had the grapefruits to cut loose a 30 year old, three-time all-pro, former #1 overall pick in order to create playing time for a lightly-regarded 6th rounder who looked like a wad of chewed bubble gum with his shirt off and ran slower than most offensive linemen.

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I completely disagree.

If I could only have two, I’d take Brady/Belichick since they give me greatness of both sides of the ball rather than two greats on the same side. Now, if you expand it to three and give me George Seifert too, then Montana/Walsh gets a lot more interesting.

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This is a good point.

I said Belicheik would be Walsh’s DC .

I said it was an insane statement…on second thought he might be trolling.

But that changes the equation to Young/Walsh/Belichick versus Brady/Belichick. Not really a fair comparison if you get Belichick either way.

Fuck yeah!

McDaniel has made an impressive start, and the wide receiver combo of Hill and Waddle is the best in the NFL IMO.

Can Tua continue to impress over a full season? We will see, if he can we’re a threat to anyone. I still wish we’d drafted Herbert though.

EDIT: I became a Dolfan back in 1984, when American football first made it onto TV in the UK. No-one had any idea what this strange game was, with everyone wearing armour and helmets, and stopping for a chat every 20 seconds lol. Channel 4 made it a staple of their programming, having only been created two years prior (yes before 1982 there were only three channels on UK TV), and not having the budget to compete with the established channels for sports.

That was the year thast the Chicago Bears ran rampant, going 15-1 and winning the Super Bowl. Of course everyone and their dog was instantly a Bears fan. Wanting to buck the trend, I saw one team beat them that season, with some young exciting QB called Dan Marino, so I had my team.

As I said, that was 1984. The last time Miami went to the Super Bowl? Yep, 1983. FML.

It was kind of a separate point.

I was just saying that if the football gods built a team, Walsh would be the HC and Belichick his Coordinator, rather than the other way around.

Good bringing Seifert I to the conversation though.
Those Niners teams are more remembered for dynamic offense, but people either forget or don’t often mention that they were hard-nosed physical defenses too.

Are you a bot or just retarted? Belichick has made it clear that he is the GM, in his whole time in New England Kraft overrode him one time , and it caused friction. This is clear and common knowledge.

bill would reply here but his 8 superbowl rings makes it hard to type.