Bill Gates Legitimizes Chemtrail CT

would fight him
for charity

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This will anger the Nordic volcano gods

Isn’t this how the matrix started? Lol.

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we live the matrix now
motherfuckers are sleepwalking

this is the beginning of some horror sci-fi movie

fuck Bill Gaytes

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I’ve been anti Bill Gates for a long time. I lived in a place where he has a property and he isn’t known for being nice or easy to deal with.

I put on my evil tyrant hat…a Thanos finger snap or Utopia like vaccination would do the trick quicker and easier…can’t we just wait to see how the COVID vaccination pans out? I’m sure there also has to be some sort of low-yield, maximized lethal radiation bomb tech out there (thinking next gen neutron). We could use those to wipe out large sections of resource rich, 3rd world countrys that love to procreate. :japanese_ogre: