Bill Goldberg in UFC?

I understand this is like PRIDE style marketing but I will think it will draw big crowd and promote the sport.

Shamrock vs. Goldberg would be a huge $$$$ maker for Zuffa...

Goldberg did say that he would fight for the right price and at least 6 months to train and prepare.

shit, my bad, I'm saying this as an idea.

sorry about putting thigns in wrong way


you wrong putting things bastard! lol

actually I don't think goldberg would ever fight mma, he's too fucked up physically

it was cool seeing him as a fan in shockwave though

he is a big bastard!

He is a big guy. I saw him riding his Harley with his wife here on Coast Highway about a week or two ago. The guy is living the life right now, and I doubt he is really in a hurry to get into MMA.

He is big thick wise but not nearly as tall as i thought he looked on TV

We were partying at Drais' a while back before the ufc in may 2004 in vegas and he was there with some huge !! dudes @@ maybe football players !!

He was drinking water and was one thick necked dude but like i said, not nearly as tall as i imagined him.

he'll never fight in ufc.

ah well we have Ken Shamrock

Not enough money for him. If he did get in Zuffa has to him, we all know the story with paying fighters.