Bill Hill vs Stephan Baonnar?

What happened? Any other results from this card would be appreciated.

Sorry about destroying Robocop's last name.

Bonnar won by ref stoppage. Hill was eating a shit load of straight rights, and a few lefts, so anyhow the ref stopped it before Hill ate mat. All the other fights were pretty impresive.

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Yeah, Robo got the TKO in about three minutes. Most
of the fight was in the clinch. At one point Robo
slipped and fell to the mat and Hill almost got his
back, but when Robo stood back up he lit up Hill with

any other results from the event?

Stephen has got some amazing hands, the angles that he was connecting on where very impressive.

The Bruketta - Paun fight was excelent as well, those two went at it Paun won the decission.

Jason Chambers had a BIG KO over Mark Long, Mark got kicked in the head took it to the ground and gave up his back where he tokk a lot of heavy shots to the back of the head before the referee stopped it.

Kyle Watson won by rear naked on Thomas Cubis

Dave Budney won by arm bar over Wade Choate

I have to call Joe for the other results, I will post them later today


Eulysis Rocha defeated Albert Arevela by Dr Stoppage, 4.24 Rd2

Jeremy Morrsion  defeated Dan Shadt by Dr Stoppage, .21 Rd1

Kyle Watson Submitted Thomas Cubis, RNC, 2.10 Rd1

Dave Budney Submitted Wade Choate, Armbar Rd1

Toney Rivera over Freddy Santos, KO 1.44 Rd1

John Paun over Jim Bruketta, U-Dec for the Title

Jason Chambers over Mark Long, KO, .52 Rd 1 for the Title

Vaughn Pallily -vs- Rob Smith, Pallily had an accident day of show, no fight

Stephan Bonner over Bill Hill, Ref stoppage rd 1

People think Bonnar's just a straight jujutsu guy since he trains with Carlson, but he's done pretty damn good in the Chicago Golden Gloves.

I think he won it last year.

he won it this year

Bonners hands are not a joke, his punch combinations and angles of connection where very impressive.

Definetly a dangerous striker

bogart6868, lets see some pics bro

pics will be up soon.. I will attach a link when I get everything up..

kick ass

Tim, did you decide on wether or not you will be in Cincinnati or not?


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I am really impressed with the boxing coach that works with Carlson Sr.'s team. I've seen a couple of their guys in the Golden Gloves in the last couple of years and the didn't look like they were from a grappling background they looked like solid boxers.

alxh.. at the start of the show, they announced Pallily had an auto accident on the way to the venue and suffered a broken arm.. he was unable to fight.

Mike, I would like to be there.. but I dont see any way that I can make it.. to much going on that night getting ready for my show..

ahhh too bad


Thats the work of Joe Kahne, a great boxing coach. IMO the best coach in the city.
He had the open superheavy and heavyweight champions this year, and that coming from a small selection of talent.

Add those guys to the list of people I'd be interested in training with...IF I EVER GET OFF MY ASS!!!!

It was my understanding that Bill Hill got caught up in the ropes and the stoppage was nonsense. The ref himself apologized for it afterwards. I have heard these two are going to have a rematch. This is not an attempt to take anything away from his opponent since I have heard he is very solid.