Bill Maher shits on Cryptocurrency

This guy knows more than any forum user

Itā€™s a buzzword, remember ā€˜Data warehousingā€™, then Data mining, then metadata etc etc. I hate to break it to you, there is nothing new in blockchain, only the method is different. If it was unique, ā€˜blockchainā€™ would be patented.

A RDMS is also a ledgerā€¦ keep using the buzzwords, it obviously makes you feel better.

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Here are 915 blockchain patents:

A method is easily patentableā€¦ if blockchain was patented there would be only 1. Understand the distinction, method vs technology. Show me the blockchain TECHNOLOGY patent and not the methods for using it. If blockchain is patented somebody is going to sue the living piss out of every crypto coin out there running on ā€˜blockchainā€™

We got us a database badass on our hands here, fellas!

Well, just because something is invented doesnā€™t mean it get patented. The creators of blockchain gave it to the public domain. That prevented anyone else from patenting it. They could have patented it, but what would be the purpose of doing so if the intent is to have everyone use it.

Others have built off of it and patented various technologies, applications, and improvements, though.

Of course its a buzzword. LEDGERS, BLOCKCHAINS. Lmao, itā€™s the only thing that crypto clowns say when they try to rationalize a crypto argument.

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This thread is richer than crypto is making me.

Are people still buying stuff from the WoW auction house with US dollars?


Edit :yes

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Someone didnā€™t take Accounting in high school.

WoW auction house has nothing on something like FIFA cards.

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