Bill Mahood/Chris Haseman Fight

I just finished watching the footage of the fight. Damn! ...if it's not in the top 5 heavy weight fights I have ever seen (pride, ufc, etc)I`ll eat Tank Abbotts groin guard for breaky!

Quite a few people had mentioned the fight being their all time fav, EVER ...but until sitting down and going over it again, I cannot believe it myself.

Well done Chris and Bill for an outstanding effort!
Kerry Dunne-Promoter

Great stuff!

yeah, Bill is going to eat Cote alive!!!

can't wait...

"I`ll eat Tank Abbotts groin guard for breaky!" - I never got past this statement.

The Butcher's a scary man in the ring, so scary I don't even wanna corner him no mo' !

I can't wait to see this DVD. I have seen some amatuer footage of the fight and there were several cameramen shooting from prime vantage points.

A must have for the collection

TTT for Spartan and the Butcher !

can't wait to see that fight

Greg... can I send you my mail address. :)