Bill Mahr's New Rule: The College Scam

he nails it here.


He’s not wrong

Sometimes he nails it. Sometimes he misses. He nailed it here IMO.


That was a good take

Even the pompous out of touch people see it.


he pompous, but i wouldn’t call maher out of touch. he seems to be pretty in touch.

Yikes at that tuition increase since 1985. Glad I went not long after that. I’m old is the takeaway here.

It’s absurd. One of my kids should absolutely go to college if he wants, his IQ is legitimately over 140. My other kid has zero business going, but she’ll probably go for free because she’s biracial. I have 2 bachelors, biology and environmental science, and a doctorate. I don’t use a single thing I learned from those degrees to operate my business. Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met graduated college with me. The entire thing is a joke. Most people are just too proud to admit their degree or degrees are bullshit. I give zero preferential treatment to people with undergraduate degrees when I’m hiring. I have a girl with a degree from UK making $11 per hour answering my phone and a girl with zero education after high school making 50k annually to manage one of my locations. Unless you are getting a degree that allows you to do a specific job that requires a certification(nurse, etc), or plan on going to grad school then I see absolutely zero value or reason to go to college.


Maher makes valid points. I got my degrees later in life, as they were essential for advancement in my career. My degrees are 100% pieces of paper that gave me points on an interview scoring matrix, and nothing more.


For the price it costs today I’d say you’re right, but if it’s affordable I still think a college degree credentials you in terms of a certain level of working ability. I use quite a bit of what I learned in college and business school. A lot actually.

Could I have learned it at the local library or online for free? Sure. But I wouldn’t have.

But the cost of college today is ridiculous and it’s because of the costs to market shit like those water parks to kids. It creates unbelievable amounts of administration layers to do that.

Not a fan but, yep, spot on

He’s right but i would disagree it isn’t just a ticket to the upper middle class it is more like a ticket to the middle class period. It’s absurd some of the jobs that employers are requiring a bachelor’s degree to qualify for nowadays.


I disagree. Like I said, some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met have a college degree.