Bill O'reilly is a prick! (Vid)

Check this shit out!

Sky is blue!

Water is wet!

"Bill O'reilly is a prick!"

That's why we love him. Noone wants to watch Mr. Nice Guy.

(note: didn't watch vid)

O'Reilly is a worthless waste of flesh - I honestly don't know how anyone can stomach the shit that he shovels!

Come on now guys, its a no spin zone.

The Calf Cruncher

someone should mail him some anthrax

He is the epitome of hypocrisy - it is the all spin zone. When I agree with him I feel like I must be wrong.

I have always been a fan of Bill O'Reilly and I own his books but Dana White schooled himand he looks fucking retarded in this interview. Its funny how he claims mma is less safe than boxing but continually brings up Muhammad Ali as proof mma is more dangerous than boxing.

WHEN DID THIS COME OUT!!!! Great find!!!

Terrible job defending the sport by Dana. He had so many opportunities to defend it correctly but he never did.

i did go to school and I have graduated college. Thank you for asking. dana White, although not being a great linguist went on a show where he would not have been given any of the questions ahead of time and also given very little time to debate his points. If you have watched the O'Reilly factor much you would understand where I am coming from. Maybe he didn't "school" him but I think under the circumstances he did a very good job.

LOL at forum that has even 1 Oreilly fan.

Nobody understands what it would be like going on this show. You only get to speak on what you are asked. O'Reilly knows what he will be asking and researches it. White and Franklin had no idea what points or studies he would bring up. And, if they spoke out of turn he would have just interrupted them and said thanks for being on the show.

I know, I know. I like his conservative approach to many things. I have always had a problem with his view on tattoos and drugs. I don't drink or do drugs, but if I wanted to then I think I should be able to.

Bill is a prick

Rich Franklin did an excellent job, Dana did not. It looked to me that Dana went into that "debate" pissed off. Of course, I would be annoyed as well if I was on Bill O'Reillys show.

The problem is that it wasn't a debate. Franklin only argued that his reason for fighting was a good one and that his body feels good. He proved nothing, as did Dana and O'reilly.

Consider this a microcosm of how he operates he TV and radio program. He takes little bits of information related to his topic combines it with his right-wing agenda and then tries to pass himself off as an expert, when he really knows very little about what he's saying. He does this with politics, mma, etc.

90% of people who "can't stand" O'Reilly have never seen more than a few selective clips of his show. Pretty ignorant if you ask me.

Yeah, Bill is a tiny small little prick. Dana's "is that a fact doctor?" was priceless.
Bill's a small little cunt for crying out loud.

why did dana go on the show? why does he feel the need to defend mma?