I just want to take a minute to tell Bill Mahood how proud we are of him....

Bill you have all of the characteristics of a true warrior and a world class athlete. Tonight didn't go your way but I know that you will take this experience and turn it into something positive.... You will come back stronger than ever. You are are one of the most solid guys that I know and I feel very fortunate and proud to call you my friend.

See you soon Bill.

Man, shocker loss ... but it happens to the best of em. Bill will be back, I agree.

Way to step up Bill

Much respect

Leslie Big Dog Dickens

shit happens.. bill will be back

Bill hope to have you and a few PG guys here for the Brennan seminar and grand opening it seems only appropriate you guys be here for this weekend with Shut-up and Fight. Give us a call 1 888 5FIGHTS.

Big Dog

Too bad Bill. You will be back bigger, badder and bolder next time I am sure.

Cote slapped him silly, nice to see a guy back up his talk.

Keep your head up's one loss, you'll be back on top in no time.

It's MMA and anything can happen.  Bill Mahood is still among the best of the best .

That is what makes MMA one of th emost exciting sports. That anything can happen, and usually does.


This thread should read "BILL THE BUTCHER MAHOOD" not Bill.??????


TTT for Bill


why dont you do us a favor and keep your personal business of the net

Mr. Big Dog.

You could go with my brother in law at and his motion media company.

I think you'll find he is a pro and that he will do what the customer wants.

Just an idea or alternative. if you want, shoot me an e-mail and I will do my best to get you up and running.

Interesting interpretation Mr.Dickens...

As I have mentioned before I am certainly interested in meeting with you to discuss this situation in a professional manner. As far as dealing with this matter in front of our friends, colleagues and fellow forum members.... I feel it would be far more appropriate to deal with our disagreement on a personal and private level.

Best wishes for your upcoming opening. I truly believe that you are a fantastic representative for the sport and will do great things with Evolution MMA and Shut- Up and Fight Inc.

As always, with great respect

Greg Allen

I think I missed something here??

I'll try to get this thread back on track.