Billie Holiday and cirrhosis

Watched the movie The United States vs Billie Holiday recently and its a good movie about a great singer.

Anyway, a big fixture of the film is her heroin use but its the booze that ended up taking her out at 44 or 46 years old via cirrhosis of the liver.

My understanding is that heroin users don’t drink alcohol and that combining heroin and alcohol is an easy way to OD.

This means prior to her heroin years and after her heroin months/years she had to get in a shitload of drinking to die of cirrhosis at such a young age.

How many drinks a week and for how many years does someone have to drink to have a good chance to die of cirrhosis at just 46?

Great singer. Interesting biography if ya like that sort of thing.

Good article on her for anyone interested:

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Anyone know how much drinking booze will kill you, on average?

I used to work with some Polish dudes that were basically functioning alcoholics and they drank a ton. None of them died of cirrhosis.

I imagine she had to be drink a shitload, like a 750 a day

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The Polish. I went to school with a bunch of them. They would drink Vodka straight, kick the shit out of each other and still show up to class on time.

In regards to Miss Billie, her health was bad in the beginning. Add the drug abuse, physical abuse and family history of addiction.
She was a beautiful woman who life shit on.

I didn’t like the movie as it focused on her addictions and abuse.

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As long as you don’t OD injecting yourself daily with dirty dull needles is more acutely dangerous than the drugs themselves.

What do you mean her health was bad in the beginning? The H had anything to do with the cirrhosis issue. Decades of hard drinking creates cirrhosis.

Maybe pure H but that is not true now that they cut it with fentanyl. H can still destroy people by itself though and alcohol is very dangerous and withdrawal kills boatloads of people even if they avoid stuff like cirrhosis.

Opioids themselves are associated with chronic damage to the heart and other systems over the long term, but acutely aren’t dangerous unless you OD. fentanyl isn’t inherently more dangerous, it’s just like 100x’s more potent so it’s way easier to take too much. It’s like the risk of alcohol poisoning with Miller lite vs everclear.

Using iv needles daily wrecks your circulatory system, collapses veins, and can introduce a bunch of nasty pathogens to your bloodstream causing things like heart infections and sepsis.

Opiates plus alcohol will wreak fucking havoc on your liver.

Like most health problems, I think it varies from person to person. Some people can be hard drinkers all their lives and never get cirrhosis while others can get it after 10 years of hard drinking.