Billing company to sponsor fighters

I have been working with martial arts billing companies for about 8 years now. The one I am with now is trying to do some good things for mma fighters and trainers. I am wondering what it would cost to sponsor a fighter or a gym? I understand that it will be more affordable to sponsor someone under the ufc level - In turn would fighters be able to help get our name out there? My website is still being worked on at

Thanks for any input!


"...$200.00 and a basket of chicken..." Paraphasing the Ravishing One.

If they want to give me free billing services for my gym I would wear them for all grappling tournamants and fights.

I am 1-0 pro mma. I understand if your looking for people with more experience but I also compete alot in grappling and all over. I place in most pro divisions and I am going to be doing a superfight in new york in a month. Starting next year I am going to be more active fighting.

Rick Macauley

sbuild you are still here!! Man you are crazy!

RickMac -

I still need to work out the details with them for a sponsorship. They wont give away billing because there is no telling how large your school could become. A huge discount for sure or a free website yes :)

I still need to work out the details but I am pushing real hard to have our company help out some fighters


Im not any kind of high profile fighter or anything but I don't mind working with price for sponsorship. I'm jumping back into the mix. I just fought last weekend and will be fighting in January. As far as team sponsorships, I have my own team after quitting the Pit 2 years ago. I have about 3 guys that will be going pro after one or 2 more fights which I have lined up in Nov and January.

I think this is what you are talking about and anything is negotiable. Hit me up

Cruz Gomez

I'm definitly interested email me at or let me know your email so I can send you an email with a resume. I also do alot of seminars all around and always get asked who are my sponsors and would be willing to spread the word that way.

Rick Macauley

btw who do I contact to get a green name I am on the fighter registry on here my name is spelled wrong but I'm on there.

contact Kirik.


 Id enjoy a sponsorship lol.  i hate that after 40 mma fights i still have to pay a monthly cost for muay thai and bjj.

Andrew Montanez (23-14-1 MMA Record 11-11-1 as a pro.) 2x Strikeforce Vet.  please let me know if your interested.  I fight 6-10x a year on average between pro mma, kickboxing, and muay thai.  Plus all the grappling tournaments i do.  Plus I do commentary for fights in northeast.

Sounds like it could be of great help. I'm Mikey Gomez coming off some loses because of taking fights just to pay bills.
But ready to come back strong and make a statement to get on a big show again.
Mikey Gomez...

 Justin, just emailed you on here.


I had more emails and calls than I anticipated. I have to get some real numbers put together to see exactly what we can do for some fighters. The billing company makes a lot of money but I am just in charge of sales. I will put some things together and start contacting everyone by monday.


 Sounds good, thanks for the update Justin. Look forward to hearing from ya

any gym owners out there that are interested in having their fighters sponsored please hit me up - I will get back to everyone by monday


message sent Justin.

got your message- I am still working on the details of the sponsorship. I promise I will get back to you asap!


imo sponsors never work out for under elite level

noone gets exactly what they need

bc the under level needs financial help to train hard to get to elite

and the company needs their name out in a larger show

and when the fighter makes it

he goes with a larger company that will help financially

or they dont make it as fast and the fighter has to eat t shirts they are given


ps im not trying to shit on anyone or anything

i wish for the best for everyone

 Justin, the fighter I emailed you about also works full time as an instructor at gyms, fyi