Billing company to sponsor fighters

I agree with that post but I am coming up with a pretty unique sponsorship plan that will benefit my company even if we are even sponsoring amateur fighters.


sorry for the delay guys - I am still working on a sponsorship package. I have pulled several companies together to provide a better deal for everyone involved I just need to work out a couple of details and then I will get back to everyone. My little guy is home from school with staph :( so I wont be able to work much today.


 Sorry to hear about the little guy Justin. Hope he gets better soon

 Need a good sponsor for my MMA team


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I have a letter written that I am proposing to the billing company today. They promised to help out at least 10 fighters or gyms in some way. I am negotiating what we can actually do as far as compensating pro and amateur fighters.


Hi Justin,

I sent you an e mail via the website. Please contact me at

I have developed fighters that are now in the UFC and WEC. We are also having a "pro fight team tryout" this weekend to scout for the next group of fighters.

Please contact me as not only do I have some great fighters, but I can ensure you that your company will receive a great amount of exposure and the guys will work diligently to get your brand out there.

Santino DeFranco

ok I have a final meeting regarding the sponsorship this friday. The billing company is on board but may only be interested in sponsoring teams that will agree to use their company for the tuition billing in there gyms. I also have this company to do a co sponsorship.

Ok sorry for the delay!


everything in my meeting went good today - I am actually building a website that will explain the sponsorship plan. The website will explain more detail but in short I was able to pull off a savings account that will basically mean free money for mma gyms using our billing service, some free merchandise from the broken threads guys and free websites for fighters. I have enough to sponsor about 10 gyms or 100 fighters.

I promise I will get back to everyone that contacted me.


id love to get my gym involved... we are a small team out of Corpus Christi TX but our gym has been in business for 18 years...

5 pro fighters and 3 Active ammys including myself and looking to debut 4 more ammy as im going pro next year...

Id love to work with you guys.. look for an email by OperationMMA at Gmail dot com

cool email me - please feel free to leave your number and I can call you on monday



Please contact me at


santino I didnt forget about you - just waiting to have all my info ready :)


Ok I have everything worked out with several companies to do a sponsorship. We can work with amateur or pro fighters. I will have a website up this week explaining the sponsorship plan in greater detail and I will be emailing everyone back that contacted me but basically it is like this...

Broken Warrior Sponsorship

This is a great sponsorship for an individual fighter at at the pro level or just turning pro. The fighter will receive a free custom website valued around 900.00 The site can include videos, bio, pictures up to 10 pages. The fighter will also receive 2 free shirts from a $40.00 value.

This is made possible by allowing a broken threads logo on the site. The fighter would need to pay a 29.00 annual hosting fee for the website but its still a super good deal.

The next sponsorship that is available is the Pro Fighter Gym Sponsorship. This sponsorship is tied in directly with a martial arts billing company. It includes the website, broken threads shirts for the fighters and a special savings account for the fighters. This is a way for fighters to get some real money but the fighters gym must be using the billing service.

Ok sorry it is taking me a long time to get back to everyone - I had to have many meetings to make this happen and I have a hundred emails to respond to :)




here is the website I put up to explain the sponsorship in greater detail. I have been working a lot on getting this site up now I will be getting back to all of you. You can also contact me through the site