Billionaire entrepreneur Marc Lore wants to build nation’s first woke city

Former Walmart executive and e-commerce billionaire Marc Lore wants to build the world’s first woke city from scratch — somewhere in the US.

Lore last week unveiled plans for his utopia, called Telosa, from the ancient Greek word Telos, meaning “highest purpose.”

The mission of Telosa is to create a more equitable, sustainable future. That’s our North Star,” Lore said in a promotional video. “We are going to be the most open, the most fair and the most inclusive city in the world.”

Key to the city’s plans is Lore’s economic vision, called “Equitism,” in which the land upon which the city is built will be donated to a community endowment.

Residents, in turn, own their homes on the land and are enriched as home values increase, according to the project’s site, and after a period of “hyper-growth,” residents can buy the land from the community endowment.

“If you went into the desert where the land was worth nothing, or very little, and you created a foundation that owned the land, and people moved there and tax dollars built infrastructure and we built one of the greatest cities in the world, the foundation could be worth a trillion dollars,” Lore told Bloomberg Businessweek.

“And if the foundation’s mission was to take the appreciation of the land and give it back to the citizens in the form of medicine, education, affordable housing, social services: Wow, that’s it!”

The city is meant to take on what Lore views as the United States’ biggest challenge — the rapidly growing wealth gap, which he said “is going to bring down America.”

“While the current economic system is a growth engine, it has led to increasing inequality,” the project’s website explains. “Equitism is inclusive growth.”

The initial phase of the project, targeted for completion by 2030, would be built to accommodate 50,000 residents across roughly 1,500 acres at a cost of $25 billion, Businessweek reported.

Over 40 years, the city will eventually require $400 billion in funding and grow to house as many as 5 million people across 150,000 acres, the site says.

The project’s planners have yet to commit to a location, but the website identifies Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian region as possible sites.

In June, Lore hired Copenhagen-based architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group to design the city.

Sleek renderings imagine plenty of space for pedestrians to stroll in the lush metropolis, and include images of planes and other aircrafts that appear to be from Archer Aviation, the electric “air taxi” startup in which Lore is an investor.

Another image on the site shows a skyscraper called Equitism tower that houses elevated water storage, aeroponic farms and an energy-producing roof.

The streets “prioritize bikes and pedestrians,” according to the website, and slow-moving self-driving cars share the street.

Lore, who reportedly has a net worth of up to $4 billion, founded Quidsi, a company that owned e-commerce sites including, and sold it to Amazon in 2010 for around $545 million.

He left Amazon after two years and founded before selling it to Walmart in 2016, joining the retail giant as head of US e-commerce.

The chronic entrepreneur left the company earlier this year to pursue other projects that were unannounced at the time.

He’s since bought a stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx, and started a new venture capital firm with Alex Rodriguez called Vision Capital People.

But Lore’s not the first mogul to try to build a utopian society. Sarah Moser, an associate professor of geography at Montreal’s McGill University, put his chances of success at roughly zero.

She’s identified about 150 greenfield city-building projects that are backed either by governments or private interests. Not one has hit its population targets, she told Businessweek.

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This will be a spectacular failure.
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Exactly this

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So hes building a hole to throw money into…

Imagine having a crew of men, women, and trans of different races and religious beliefs.

Now imagine trying to build a skyscraper with them.

Case closed.


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So no combustion engines ? How we building this city boss? We are going to be self sustainable for 5 million? That’s a lot of food to grow and harvest with no engines. This will be a failure at all levels. My bet is there is never a city.


The founder of Dominos Pizza built city here, about 60 miles to the west. It’s for Catholics and built around a private Catholic University that he also built. Apparently it’s doing well.


Yup. Reminds me of that city that BLM wanted to build that was just going to invite POCs and indigenous people. They bought land in the mountains and said they had fertile land to farm on yet they had zero farming experience.

Wonder what happened to those people.


Interesting, I wonder how much the city’s shared Catholic values plays into their success


A máster planned community is one thing. There are several successful ones in Florida. Celebration, the Villages, Lake Nona etc. that isn’t what he is proposing.

It’s always interesting to hear a billionaire talk about the wealth gap being an issue. He sees this as an opportunity to make more money or he wouldn’t be doing it.


wont work, lazy liberals will flock their for their free stuff. Why would anybody work if they all the get the same shit.

People know how to game the system. Same as the military, the privates start learning what to say and do to get disability from the day they get out of basic. They know to claim hearing loss, back pain, etc and get paid for life.

One cunt got booted for doing cocaine and is getting 100% disability. She was never deployed and only in for a couple years. It’s people like that who are going to flock to that shity


My only request is that they install cameras all around the city so they rest of us can watch for entertainment…


However, I want to build a small combine with friends and family out in the middle of know where . Where we all still work, pay our own bills and whatnot, but we have community shit. So for instant, instead of every household having a lawnmower, weed eater, etc. There will be a community one. That way we are putting less money into these companies and paying less taxes. We could trade and barter as well, teach other shit like hunting, fishing, and farming. but this doesn’t work in the real world with real people.

I have a few people that are interested and we are looking for land.

I live in shit military housing and 7 out of 10 households have a big trampoline (I’m not exaggerating). I always think to myself, why don’t these people just make friends with their neighbor and share this shit.


This would be awesome

Turned out they were lying about owning that land. They were trying to squat on it and were tossed.


I saw Equity being mentioned… Here’s how that’s gonna play out. POC and anyone not identifying as white, will complain about White colonialism and say they shouldn’t have to do any work because of decades of repression and insist the only fair course of action is to have all the White people do all the work and give up any compensation to the “community”.


No shit?!? Do you have a source for that as I’d love to read it but can’t remember any details of it besides what I said above.


Hilarious, LOL, they didn’t make it very far. Fucking larpers


They never claimed to purchase it everyone just assumed that they bought it.

They “liberated” the land which means jack shit.