Billy Clubs

I believe for non-lethal weapons, the tactical baton is the most proficient weapon for a variety of situations. I was wondering however about the use and effectiveess of billy clubs. I just ordered one labeled as "large" which I am guessing to be about 10 to 13 inches. I was hoping for some opinions and insight, and if any of you have seen any material about their use, point me in that direction, because as far as I know there aren't any books on them.

I have used one of those on Shore Patrol back in
the '50s. they are really not for whacking people
with like a PR24 or standard baton. It is best used
by shoving your left hand in the assailants face and
then ramming the end of the "billy" into his lower
abdomen and groin. You can also do virtually all
the techniques that are recommended for a
yawara/pocket stick with it but you simply have a
bigger stick for you to hold on to. You can use it to
whack people but be ready to fight because it
doesn't have the power of the bigger sticks. I never
had any formal training in the use of the billy. Just
tidbits that I picked up from other sailors.


i do not have time now, will post more indepth tomorrow from work.

by no means exhaustive and comprehensive, but it's a start. in the past, there was a similar thread and i had more URL's for it. too bad it's not archived. many of the FMA stick techniques can be adapted to the billy club and there are loads of websites on FMA. follows are some info specific to baton/billy club. i know a few of the regulars of this forum should have more info they can add.




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Monadnock Techniques

loads of info and techniques – mostly basic and some advanced techniques

also can be found here (basic techniques only):




US Army's Field Manual - FM 19-15 CIVIL DISTURBANCES

chapter on riot batons


Integrated Publishing's Master at Arms manual



GET TOUGH - Fairbairn
KILL OR GET KILLED - Rex Applegate



"In the Line of Fire" – Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo
"Out of Sight" – Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney
upcoming "Daredevil" – Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner


of course, check the law in your area to see if you can carry a baton/billy club. in NYC, USA, it is not legal.