Billy Eilish Looks Like She Smells! Lingerie Doesn't Help!

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Not you Cami…

That crow and Travis the Owl frequent the same gay bar.

This is my kid’s favourite artist right now. We listen to her lots. She’s got some alright songs. I even put a couple on the playlist I have for when I teach the martial arts classes.


Now that you responded, I pretty know it’s true.

You guys might laugh but they push these people to be on covers of magazines so your children will look to them as role models. How to act, how look etc.

Forget her looks, look at her disposition that they are pushing/selling. Smh!

Looks miserable and depressed and that is to be considered cool. Fucking disgusting. Raise your kids, make sure to guide them away from that filth.

Wouldnt tell her no. Her face has never done it for me. Body isnt the worst but could be a lot better. The brown eyebrows and blonde hair works on some, not her. Basically, I wouldnt brag about it…

I would have bent her over even in a pair of her MC hammer pants.

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Lol @ the retarded cavemen who beat their meat to a 60hr Photoshop render.

Y’all should check out hentai. You’ll love it.

A fucking cow with lipstick and photoshop is still a fucking cow.

Enough glorifying heart diseased pigs. Bring back fat shaming.

I’ll beat my meat to you, too.
Post a selfie and I’ll cum all over it, ya fag.

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and that latex shit she is wearing is probably not helping.