Billy Joe Saunders vs Chris Eubank Jr

Interesting domestic match up in the uk. What do the britd think of this match up. Ill admit i havent been following the domestic scene closely the last few years due to work and kids and life stuff but saunders is 20-0 and eubank jr is 18-0 so even on paper its a great match up.

Eubank won Nevada Golden Gloves as an amatuer and saunders was an olympian Phone Post 3.0

Eubank looking shit in sparring. Phone Post 3.0

Dont hink I have seen Eubanks last couple, but unless he has improved I think Saunders will win handily

Browny85 -

Eubank looking shit in sparring. Phone Post 3.0

Strong words . Reckons Eubank was raped at boarding school

I like billy Joe
Plus he follows me on Twitter haha

But seriously, BJS is well schooled, doesn't get into wars despite his travelling background.
He's an out and out boxer mover.
He's also a slick southpaw.

I think it'll be decision BJS Phone Post 3.0


"I reckon he was raped. I'm just saying. I could be wrong but I reckon him and his brother were raped and it messed with his head"


It is a bit daft Eubank Jr trying to act like his dad. Eubank sr was a genuine hardnut who grew up poor. Eubank Jr grew up the son of a multi millionaire

He shouldn't be trying to fight like his Da either.

Its not even the upbringing. Senior had a head like granite etc .His son doesnt have the same physical tools

this saunders, is he the real deal?

pharochuck -

this saunders, is he the real deal?

I personally think so. He's a well schooled southpaw. Went to the 2008 Olympics, not that, that proves anything really.
Audley Harrison won the fucking thing.

But yeah, BJS should be too cute for the likes of Eubank. He'd beat Kid Chocolate IMO. He's on the cusp of challenging at world title level.
I think the higher he fights the better he'll before, he needs that carrot in front of him. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a huge fan of Billy but sadly there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Chris will beat Billy.

I'm expecting Saunders to fade in the second half of the fight. Don't think he will have the size or power to trouble Chris and his conditioning is horrible.

He's going to learn the hard way and I think he'll come again at welterweight. Phone Post 3.0

You are a complete mentalist

ShamusO'nyou - You are a complete mentalist
Yet I'm always right. Phone Post 3.0

... and now you guys are all having doubts, second guessing yourselves. Maybe frames is right!! . You will be shocked at the difference in physicality, speed, power, fitness etc. Go back and watch Saunders against that Italian in his last one, that was Saunders hitting his level at middleweight, against a big, game euro level opponent.

It's was frames that told you Algieri beats prov, that pacman would destroy Algieri, that Groves could never do 12 rounds with Froch, that Smith would be the equal of Abraham but come away empty handed.... and I'm 100% confident in my conviction with regard to Eubank beating Saunders.

I've been wrong before, I'll be wrong again, just not this time gents, not this time. Phone Post 3.0


This is not to do with frames

But more and more people who, certainly know their onions are backing Eubank.

I hope to fuck they're wrong cause that cunt winning will ruin my weekend. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe Eubank has improved since I last saw him. Was never particular impressed with him

Eubank Jr fighting on the street, or more accurately in a car park.

His old man saw that and made him move to Vegas.

Eubank has fought absolute tomato cans.

I hope BJS beats him. Phone Post 3.0

Little prediction, in the not too distant future, people on this very thread will be scratching their heads as to how these two were even allowed to share the ring.

Billy will head down the divisions, Chris will head up.

On a side note, I'm a trainer & nutritionist for a boxing gym and I work with a lot of boxers with romany/gypsy/traveller heritage. Can any of you guys name me one gypsy fighter, past or present, that's ever been bang on with their physique and conditioning?

I'm struggling for just one. Best I've got so far is hosea burton, who is just skin and bone. Phone Post 3.0

Not many even make the professional ranks.
Most fall by the way side before they're 18-21.
But I can see your point, they like to indulge, Fury and Saunders are both quite fleshy on times Phone Post 3.0