Billy Joel's Centre Island neighbors are also leaving Long Island for Florida

Billy Joel’s Centre Island neighbors are also leaving Long Island for Florida

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I guess there is no island left for an Islander like himself

Honestly it looks like it would be boring af to live there. I dunno, just not my thing. Imagine in the winter when everything is dead af, no leaves, and you’re isolated on a small island with a handful of rich snobby people. Woof. It’d feel like yuppy alcatraz.

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I hear you, but I could make it work there. At least for some of the year.

Otis was a gay man, like his father was before.

Can’t make a living as a gay man anymore!

Don’t get me wrong… it would still be nice. However very cold for much of the year with a near constant wind coming off of the water.

It gives me “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” vibes if you’ve seen that movie. Bunch of rich people on a cold desolate island and nobody to bother them, ha.

I had family nearby growing up. In Cold Spring Harbor. Used to visit. It’s just so… quiet and boring.

Through business I know people who have left there and the Hamptons.

They all go to Jackson Hole or Palm Beach.

It is all 99.99999999999% about taxes.


Florida is going to have some serious surpluses in property taxes alone.

It will be interesting to see how the Feds treat them in upcoming years

They are already running surpluses from huge sales tax increases.

I don’t think there is anything to be done on the federal level.

New York State is running out of time to try some sort of clawback.

I didn’t move over taxes, and am a higher income household. I moved because we were locked down and I had family down here and it is nice down here. Was supposed to be 6 months to a year, turned permanent.

Now I would never move back because of taxes. I live in a a nice brand new construction 4 bedroon 3300 sq ft home and my tax savings cover all of housing costs including rent and all utilities and then some. Fuck that!


I hope they drop tax rates a bit and take existing surpluses to bolster infrastructure and emergency management.

Good luck on the tax rates.

I know they have lready used some of the initial surplus for the storm response and bridges in response to Ian, and there was a state initiative that used some surplus to speed up infrastructure and highway projects across the state, it is supposed to cut down the completion times by 50%. There were some other small things like bonuses paid to teachers and first responders.

I am on board with all of that for sure.

I think that property tax cuts would be awesome, probably not a popular opinion, but they should have property tax rate cuts for anyone who has lived in the state for five years or more, and let everyone else enjoy them after they hit the five year mark.

Also, I would support a one time generous tax credit or 1-2 months rent for anyone moving within the state that has resided in the state for 10+ years.

Long time residents with household incomes below $250k should be able to financially benefit directly from the windfall of transplants.

That kind of policy would be great.


Good idea!

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Wasn’t he from Huntington originally?

Wait until they found out how much home insurance costs in Florida LOL


IT is nothing compared to the tax savings. Absolutely nothing.

Home insurance on Long Island is no picnic either, especially on the water, and especially post Sandy.