Billy Robinson's 'Conceptual Syllabus'

Has anyone seen this footage? I thought the WAR stuff was amazing, but I am curious if anyone has looked at this disc and can talk about the kind of material it contains? Thanks for any information or opinions.

I am usually a fan of Scientific Wrestling's products but I was really disappointed in this DVD.

I thought it was going to be a video version of the "Sport Of Catch Wresting - The Certified Catch Wrestler Handbook" but it was not.

The DVD seemed very unorganized and off the cuff. The camera work was shakey and the audio was low.

The techniques shown seemed random. The things I was hoping to see that are missing from the DVD are Billy Robinson's details on the top wrist lock, double wrist lock, double leg takedown, bridging, keylocks,escaping side mount, and the achilles tendon hold.

Also, this DVD is rather expensive compared to the short length, 1:15. I was expecting two or three volumes.

I keep saying that whenever Billy Robinson is put on DVD, they need to make sure the production values are good.

You're just pissing away a once in a lifetime resource by making the audio hard to hear and having crappy camera work.

Dezflag, thanks very much for the review. That's disappointing to hear. A lot of what you are looking for is on the WAR discs, did you see those?

What are some of the techniques that ARE covered.

PFP, I agree entirely.