Billy the Kid to the Knicks???

I know there aren't many college hoops fans here but as per Jack Ramsey, Billy Donovan (Florida's head coach aka back to back defending champs) is talking to the Knicks about becoming their coach. He has strong ties to Riley so the Heat are a possible destination also but I thought Riley wanted to coach again next year.

ps- I have mixed feelings about hiring a college coach but besides coach K, this would be the best possible one to get.

pps- I would love it if Jeff Van Gundy came back since he quit the Rockets

I thought he said he was staying...?

he would never leave after what happened to Patino

Please exit Isiah !

Billy is a good coach, but in college a coach actually can influence a team, in the NBA it's all about GM's and players, coaches are just there.

The best coaches in the NBA are the ones who get the players they want. Like Nelson, Van Gundy, and such. Even great coaches suck ass when they don't get the players they want. In college the coach plays a huge role in recruiting, so he can build a squad that matches his style much easier.

I dont give a fuck who coaches the Knicks as long as they pay off Vandeweighe and Grandmama and Riley and Chris Childs as long as they fucking win a season.