Binance! Referral! Crypto!


so binance hasn’t been accepting new users but here is my attempt to help you! Help me!


Muse that URL to sign up and make some money! Binance is one of the top trade sites for crypto

its not to late to hop on the train


here is my referral number


i figures not everyone will wanna do this but if you wanna trade might as well use my referral so I Benefit too

What do you get for it?


Mencken -

What do you get for it?


A vote up and my gratitude

it doesn’t take anything away from you

it just spreads out the love

plus Binance just started accepting newcomers again

My dumbass thought you said “what do I get out of it”

i just get 20% of whatever trades you do I think

so it doesn’t affect anyone else at all

binance just throws 20% my way

Tried to use your url and it still says a pause on new user registration

Still not accepting new members. 


just looked it up

they open a window certain times of the day and only let in a certain number of users a day

pretty interesting 

they don’t even give a heads up as to when it is open 

I guess you just gotta keep trying throughout the day

thats annoying

Muscle Vision - 

My dumbass thought you said “what do I get out of it”

i just get 20% of whatever trades you do I think

so it doesn’t affect anyone else at all

binance just throws 20% my way

20% of the fee they charge, I assume.

I'm already on Binance, but I was curious

So as of right now

binance opens up once a day at a random time that isn’t told to anyone before hand

so you just have to be lucky

then they only let a certain number in a day as well

wish they would just let everyone in

geez binance get your crap together

also if you are making a new account

please use my code

at least I’m not begging for money like some people

but this would be very benificial to me

and if I make millions 

I’ll give back to the OG

yall helped me grow up through the years ??????

not sure if that’s good however 

Those question marks were emojis


Thanks for the tip, op. Just signed up and used your referral number.


Here you go mine works lmao

"Geez binance get your crap together"

They are, thats why this is all happening. They dont have enough infrastructure to handle an infinite amount of new registrations every hour. How do you fix that? You close registrations while you upgrade infrastructure so you dont negatively affect the users who already have accounts and currencies in their wallets on binance. This way they still have a working product while they are doing upgrades.

The other option is to open registrations to anybody, have 300k users try to make an account at the same time, crash their servers because their current equipment cant handle it, everybody would be locked out of their accounts, binance website will come down, and theres no promise that youll have your currencies in your wallet when/if they get the website back up

no no here is mine it really referral link

13939951 referral number

Hop on Binance guys!

XRB is supposed to be hitting Binance on Monday

thats gonna be the next 1000$ alt coin 

mark my words

so be wary though

because statistically when something hits Binance it usually crashes because all the investors want to get their money then it hits a low and THATs when you buy because it WILL go back up

this is a big coin seriously 

google it

also another scenario is it hits Binance and it Goes up significantly in the first hour possibly 2 hours

bit then it will crash for sure

then when it hits its low 

buy it then!


try it out even if it’s just 100$

this is the one to invest in


And cmon guys don’t hijack my thread with your info

thats messed up

XRB no kidding boys

thats the one that’s gonna be huge next

it won’t be immediately but put in what you can and try your hardest to forget about it for a month