Biological Male Takes First Place in Girls’ Track Meet After Placing 72nd in the Boys Competition

You compromise, you lose.

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Women are pathetic


That huge cock was obviously slowing him down, he had to cut it off.


You go “girl”!!!

Maybe bc I dont have daughter athletes, but I am kind of enjoying this bc you know these girls’ moms likely voted for politicians that promote this

And for college aged girls, you know the normal girls likely voted Dems , who support this nonsense

I feel bad for the non dem voting , normal natural females (likely in minorty )


Chinese man would win that roo

Women are getting what they voted for.

They can start voting the right way if they don’t like opportunities taken from them by biological men.

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They were right when they said women are the future….and those women are men.

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Nature finds a way, the superior sex found an end-around for feminism. Anything women can do, a man can do better.

Yep, good for them or her or it or xer!!!

I love this shit

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Trans men are going to dominate everything, they have the superior genes of men but aren’t handicapped by all the discrimination normal men face

Not only that, but we got women now trying to be trans men, thinking two can play that game - but good luck being a 5-2 110 lb man with no balls sister!

Exactly why are you guys worrying about this? For once a retarded policy women support is directly hurting them and helping us plus all of these high school girls are being converted into conservatives when they get older after this experience. The more of this the better


I was a huge Fallon Fox booster, sadly not enough. I wanted her to be ufc champ so bad.

Those women’s rights marches have got to be a little awkward now.

Wait til our guys take over those too.


Yup, SUPER awkward.

I’ll bet most of the girls the he/she beat have parents who fully support this.

It sucks for the girls, but this happens when parents put virtue signaling over their own kids.

Just like defund the police, this will change when people have enough and get back to common sense.

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