Bionic Commando (NES)

Found and bought myself Bionic Commando for the original Nintendo. I used to play it back then but damn its pretty tough. No continues!
Anybody finish it? Is it one of those impossible games?

Are there any cheat codes for it??

My brother and I beat it back in the day.

I used to be able to beat it also. It's tough, but once you figure out your path through the map it's beatable.

I kicked some major ass at that game, but not too long ago I downloaded and started playing it again.... And holy crap did I get my ass handed to me. I swear they've made it harder in the years since I played it on the nes. I refuse to believe any other possibilities.

very tough and excellent game, i did manage to finish it back in the day, hitler in the helicopter was a real bitch

Ah, the ole Albatross. That was one of my personal favorite games.

I still loved how Hitler daid "Damn" on a nintendo games and being 8 or so years old.

I loved how his head exploded.

Now they'll never save his brain!

uhm, am I missing something here. get caught by a helicopter, kill everything and pick up the little eagle icon that shows up from the jeep or rocketlauncher guy and you get one continue per eagle. or are there difference in releases?
if you bother collecting to full life on one of the first courses it isnt that hard anyway but it helps

Very cool concept - I was definitely shocked at Hitler's head exploding - it was a NES game for cryin out loud

I LOVED that game!!!

one of the first games I bought when I picked up another NES 2 years ago (the others were tecmo bowl, mario 3, and ninja gaiden). I love this game.

Ahhhhhh...well here I am (the original poster of this thread) and have just completed the game! What a great game and unique concept with the bionic arm.
Damn, I miss the classic 2D games.
Next up..... Super Metroid (SNES).

"Damn, I miss the classic 2D games."

No shit man, it's painful for me not being able to play them.

Metroid for the GBA is awesome if you're into Super Metroid.

And one of my all-time favorite series is Castlevania. It's translation into 3D is disappointing. If it aint 2D it just ain't the same game. Castlevania for ps2 is nice but it doesn't feel like Castlevania. I wish they made a 2D version like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

beat it back in the day

there is also a new GB edition