Bionic Commando?

 I downloaded the demo but it is multiplayer only and there's nobody playing.  What's the skinny on this game? It was great on the old Nintendo system.

 I dont know, but they original they re-released on the Xbox was AWESOME.  They tweaked a few things on it, put it in HD and it's the most fun I've had on a game in awhile.

yeah, keep in mind there are two games called Bionic Commando... a retro upgrade and a complete remake. The retro version got good marks but the remake got just average reviews.

 Yes, I meant the retro upgrade aka Rearmed.  Man that was incredible.  I highly recommend it for dl on Xbox live

 No, it wasnt good.  It was great.  The controls are only frustrating if you dont have the coordination of at least an 8 year old.  Then I can understand the frustration