Bioshock Infinite = OMG

watch this, you must.

 why have the option for a video thread if the video in the first post never works correctly/? what a silly ass site this is.

You have to use the 'old embed code' when getting the embedding info from youtube when linking a vid in the first post.


its one of the games on my list of games to get

already preordered AssCreed 3 and Dishonored

Bioshock and Splinter Cell r next on my list later down the road :)

 It's been delayed to 2013, there are a lot of problems.

According to three sources familiar with the game, the development team has struggled to craft a full game that meets the promise of the early demos, experiencing some of the same problems that befall any ambitious game but also suffering some distinct troubles of its own. 

The 2011 E3 demo, which wowed critics and gamers alike, was, apparently, far from indicative of the actual state of the game. Of course, that's par for the course at E3—it's common for developers to paste together a demo that deliberately shows their game and its concepts in the best possible light.

All the same, the Infinite demo made a stunning debut despite the fact that the team was wrestling with the most basic elements of the game, from the story to the level design to the AI programming to how to design the sidekick character of Elizabeth, who can magically conjure weapons and in other ways affect the environment.

Ohhh yeah, now when is it coming out?

I think it was supposed to come out October 2012, but I've been hearing some rumblings that it might end up being as late as October 2013. I'm dying for this game

orcus's report there is not very reassuring. Hopefully this does not turn into another Dai-Katana

Looking at the bright aside, I've only just begun my bioshock journey and have yet to beat 1 & 2. Phone Post

Sub Phone Post

 I have full confidence that the Bioshock series will not be tainted by with a bad release. They can take all the time in the world, Bioshock is an excellent series.

yes ^^^

i still got my hands full with Dishonored as it is lol...but i have to agree Bioshock is some nice gaming even though i didnt finish either games .

The longer this drags out the more it feels like Dai-Katana.

Latest info says February 26, 2013

sub for later Phone Post

It's apparently for sure feb 2013. I have it pre-ordered and everything.

the later the better imo lol...i need more time with the games i already got :)

I am wet with anticipation. Might need to replay bioshock 1 soon. Phone Post

There is a prelude novel out called Rapture. It's how Ryan got the people together, how Fontaine and Lamb got involved and the downward spiral of the whole city. It's actually pretty good and the writer does a very good job working all the various plot points from the two games into a sensible timeline and narrative.