Bioshock looks like crap

"Previews can rave all they want, developers can jack off to their own creation, but what I SAW in those gameplay videos was very mediocre."

But you've seen AWESOME AND ORIGINAL gameplay, and an incredible story, from the Mass Effect footage you've seen? The upgradable weapons and combination of shooting plus psi-powers in Mass Effect is so much fresher than the upgradable weapons and combination of shooting plus powers in Bioshock?

Orcus I have seen several gameplay videos of Mass Effect and it looks eons better than the crap I see in Bioshock.

Lets compare shall we:

Bioshocks repetetive corridor shooting:

Mass Effect's wide open squad-like based combat:

Honestly Orcus, there's really no comparison. I know you're in love with Bioshocks graphics and all, but you can't sit there and tell me that Bioshock's gameplay looks better than Mass Effect.

What's more Mass Effect is an RPG by one of the top RPG developers on the planet. Everything that Bioware themselves have developed (not given someone else to develop) has been pure gold. Mass Effect will be no different.

No answer from Orcus. LOL

"What's more Mass Effect is an RPG by one of the top RPG developers on the planet."

And Bioshock is a first-person shooter with RPG elements by the same team that made possibly the most revered game of that type of all-time (System Shock 2).

"Mass Effect's wide open squad-like based combat:"

So because you're on a flat plain, the combat is "wide open" in some amazing way? But if you slapped some walls down around the combatants, then WHOA, now it sucks and is repetitive?

Here are some shots of the amazing varied gameplay of Mass Effect:

I'm still baffled as to how you think Mass Effect's "have this guy throw a grenade, have this guy use telekinesis, have this guy shoot a laser gun" is so awesome, but Bioshock's "teleport over there, program that security droid to attack your enemy, light that teddy bear on fire, use telekinesis to fly it at the enemy and light him on fire, then send electricity into the water he's standing in to finish him off" is so repetitive and lame.

The combat of KotOR or Jade Empire (to say nothing of Baldur's Gate) was hardly some tactical thrill-ride, or deeply satisfying. Long before reaching the halfway point in those games, the combat was as mindless and repetitive as any FPS (and far less visceral and satisfying).

"So because you're on a flat plain, the combat is "wide open" in some amazing way? "

Orcus you can't be serious right? Flat plain? Even the screenshots you provided show a wide variety of environments.

Going from the actual gameplay we have seen from Bioshock, it looks to be nothing more than a Doom stye coridoor shooter. Those abilities you speak of, well replace them with a lightning gun, etc. and you have the same thing. One guy alone going from room to room, killing anything that moves.

Words can be spun around to make it seem like it's more than what it is, but you can't spin around actual gameplay footage.

In Mass Effect, isn't revolutionary, I never said it was, but I can't believe that anyone that has seen the gameplay videos for both would think that Bioshock is better.. Unless you like going from room to room along, shooting everything that moves. If that's your thing, than cool, but I want something a little more sophisticated in my gameplay experience.

"If that's your thing, than cool, but I want something a little more sophisticated in my gameplay experience."

Like shooting everything (albeit in a stiffer, semi-turn-based, semi-dice-roll-based manner), interspersed with the same dialogue trees we've been wading through since the dawn of RPGs? That's sophistication? You have a party, so it's more "sophisticated" than being alone? I had a party in Wizardry back in 1980. It's not like Mass Effect has some groundbreaking squad AI. Switching between three guys and hitting the "attack" button for each guy in turn doesn't really smack of sophistication to me.

Here's the TeamXbox hands-on preview of the first several hours of Bioshock:

"It offers an amazing blend of varied gameplay, stunning design, and impressive graphics, as well as one of the most intriguing storylines to come down the pipeline in quite some time. There's really something here for just about everyone, too, from first-person combat to puzzle-solving to exploration. BioShock is unlike anything I've ever experienced (OK, there are definitely touches of System Shock 2 in there), and I can't wait to play more."

Alright Orcus, I see that what I'm trying to explain to you is falling on deaf ears. Any website or publication can be paid to hype a game to death and say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. We've seen it happen before with the likes of Killzone and others. In fact, I can count the number of times I've read a bad preview about a game on one hand.

We'll see when the actual reviews come out. Right now the only thing I can truly believe is what I've seen with my two eyes, the gameplay footage. And from what I've seen, Bioshock looks like nothing more than your standard coridoor shooter, and it's obvious by the replies in this thread that I am not alone in my sentiments.

For what it's worth, I hope I'm dead f*cking wrong and I hope Bioshock lives up to the hype, but the gameplay footage I've seen thus far has been highly unimpressive.

Sytem Shock 2 = one of the greatest FPS ever.

Bioshock = Made by the people that made one of the greatest FPS ever.

thats is why i am Hyped for Bioshock!

The same way Granpa, you are (and i am also) hyped for Mass Effect. Because Kotor was a great game.

"Sytem Shock 2 = one of the greatest FPS ever."

Most over rated, perhaps. A decent game, but the additional elements added into the standard FPS corridor crawl mix are vastly talked up and inflated in how deep and gameplay enhancing they actually are.

Was system shock 2 better than deus ex?

System Shock 2 was IMO, the first true "creepy" FPS. That's where the hype comes from. It really didn't do anything revolutionary in the FPS genre, just like KOTOR didn't do anything revolutionary in the RPG genre, but what those two games did is implement things had already been explored in other games and refined those things.

The problem that I have with Bioshock is no so much with Bioshock itself, but with the hype it's getting. IMO, the FPS genre needs a swift kick in the balls because it has become cookie-cutter and stale. With all the hype surrounding Bioshock, I was hoping it would give the FPS genre the swift kick in the nuts it needs. I was hoping it would completely revolutionize the genre, but what I've seen of it thus far does not seem to be revolutionary at all.

To be honest, the closest a FPS has come in the last few years to truly change the way FPS are played was Chronicles of Riddick, but gameplaywise, Bioshock doesn't even look as good as that. Hell it doesn't even look as good as Half-Life 2

"Was system shock 2 better than deus ex?"

Same compagny did both , if I rember corectly... again that is why i am Hyped for bioshock : the history of the compagnie thats doing it!

oups forgot to answer the question! both where awesome games that I loved deeply! I coudnt choose wich one is the best.

LOL@All this..

If you like FUN, PLAYABLE, ENTERTAINING FPS's you're going to love this. If not, you aren't..

If you thought HL2 and Far Cry were the business, then you will this. All very simple.