bioshock or shadow complex?

i've been wanting to download shadow complex for a couple day's now, so i went and picked up some microsoft points. before i down loaded it i played the demo for bioshock. i was really in to it by the time the demo was over. i'm only going to get one...which one will give me the most bang for my buck?

 Bioshock is at least twice as long, Shadow Complex has more replayability and arguably more varied gameplay.

The games are so different, though, that you should be able to choose just based on which you like more.

Or you can do the SC demo and do the hack that lets you play it to completion. You can't save, though, so would have to leave your 360 on for a day or two until you finish.

If you really, really liked the Bioshock demo, you will like the game, as the demo shows 90%+ of what the game is about.

You could pick up Castlevania Symphony of the night on XBLA and get what is probably the best Metroidvania game ever, but it doesn't have the 3-d graphics of Shadow COmplex.

 Are you seriously comparing Bioshock to Shadow Complex.  Bioshock takes it by a landslide.

no i'm not comparing them. i guess what i'm really asking is how good is bioshock? because i was digging the demo but does it get repetitve like invisble lats said?

 It's an FPS, they're all pretty repetitive. I thought it was a bit long. Awesome game everyone should play, though.

yeah. i liked it quite a bit. fuck it, i'll download shadow complex then pick up a cheap copy of bioshock in a couple weeks. thanks for the imput.