Biotest's Surge

It CLAIMS to be an ideal post-workout shake mix, with high glycemic carbs and whey protein. It's also supposed to taste really good.

Does anyone have any experience with it? Does it live up to its advertising?

I use to use it back in the day.. I thought it tasted great, but as far as recovery goes -- I can't tell the difference between that, and just cheap ass whey/malto/dextrose.

I tried it. Don't know if it worked better than my normal juice and whey protien. Didn't really matter though because I too thought it tasted like absolute shit. Life is too short to eat bad tasting food...

I thought it tasted really good.

Cost is the only reason I stopped using it. Gatorade with a half scoop of Optimum 100% whey is much more cost effective.

I think it is one of the better tasting powders out there.

It is relatively cheap off the t-mag site.

If you have the dough, why not give it a shot? If you don't have the money, it doesn't really matter that much, just eat well.

I loved it, but now I use the home-brewed, cheapo version (whey + dextrose).