Let’s talk about birdseed.

Best birdseeds.

Pros and cons of birdseed vs other seeds.

How has birdseed changed your life?

First experiences with birdseed!?

They even have a seed of the month club.

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fine chip sunflower seeds… rats and squirrels can’t really eat it so it doesn’t attract vermin

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I remember the first time I saw birdseed, I said to my dad… hey that’s just sunflower seeds we get from the liquor store!

He said yes it is son. Now shut the fuck up.


your dad was a wise man


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This is the birdseed thread and we are anxiously awaiting your story…

About birdseed!!

Zoom function for the win

Which birdseed makes your butt water?

For me, it’s got to be the Fancy Finch Mix

Im going with the November-chickadee blend

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I think your family dynamics are questionable.

My go to is black oil sunflower seeds. It’s like heroin for squirrels though.

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Finch mix. Bigger birds are too loud.

Especially black birds, always rolling 10 deep, never shut up and make a mess while eating everything in site.

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I generally don’t buy mixed blend unless I know specifically what’s in them. A lot of blends use millet as major ingredient and none of the desirable birds like it so they’ll flick through the feeder to find what they want, scattering stuff that less picky birds and squirrels don’t mind eating on the ground.

I use specialty seeds and in some instance specialty feeders. Nyjer/thistle seeds and finch feeders for finches, grape jelly for orioles and grosbeaks, safflower seeds for cardinals. Those generally don’t attract the black birds (starlings and grackles) and squirrels don’t like them either. I use upside down suet feeders for woodpeckers, chickadees, and blue jays because they don’t have a problem hanging upside down to feed while the black bird’s don’t have very strong grasping feet and can’t hang on for long upside down.

Trying to figure out how to feed sunflower seeds, which all birds like, without encouraging mobs of black birds.


Good solid responses

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I don’t do bird feeders. Just brings mice and rats.

My brother keeps parrots and all sorts of shit. All the mice and rats and gathered and have made homes under the cages. Disgusting

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I feed the little peckers year 'round.