Birthday show, 10 guests 1 show!

 Too much fun on my birthday to keep to myself, so I decided to share it.

Highlights include:

Yves Edwards talking McKenzie and why his Facebook rules 

Ryan Loco talking football

Schiavello talking K-1 and Dream 

Bloodstain Lane talking about his trolling

Mighty Mouse looking forward to Kid

Shane Carwin and what he's been up to (and why he won't take his shirt off in front of his wife any more)

Gerald Harris talking about a fan telling him that if he would have gotten KO'ed, he woulda kept his job

Phil Davis talking reality shows and singing Happy Birthday to me

Pat Barry and Skrape telling a bunch of stories of how they get SMASHED and how they one time grappled in a bathroom

Tons of fun and I just wanted to share it with the UG.  Thanks to everyone who joined me and any new listeners from the UG I may have gained this year.  Thanks all!

Download now.  

Awesome lineup :)

 TTT, thanks Kalin!

 Last TTT.  Great stuff in this one, get it while it's still hot!