Bisbing first opponent?

How about 8-0 David Heath, they have about the same skill levels and the UFC needs a good undercard for 66. And i'm just assuming that card will not be stacked, except the Chuck vs Tito, just a thought and no need to criticize me for this. Good match up!

It's fairly common knowledge who his first opponent is even if it hasn't been announced officially, and it's not him.

he is fighting eric shafer on the tuf 4 finale

Let us know droc?

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he is fighting eric shafer on the tuf 4 finale

Is it Bisbing or Bisping?? Dana White says Bisbing so im confused.

If the ? was am I kidding , the answer is NO !!!!!

Sorry boys

I would fucking love to see cheap shot fight Bisbing

hope you get your wish!!!!

Sweet Candy! That is awesome!

War Dave!!!

Heath by flying armbar

If he fights Bisping it'll be 8-1

I think he should fight Rashad "the next champ at 205" Evans.

Then Rashad would'nt get a title shot though because he'd lose.

be real, Bisping would be beat convincingly by Rashad. Rashad would be all over him, take him down, do what he wants. Bisping would not be able to handle Rashad.

Lol@Rashad. He will get subbed if he takes Mike down. If he takes him down before getting KO'ed.