Bisping: "A fight against Anderson is my dream"

Source: Michael Bisping: "A fight against Anderson is my dream."

I'll be honest, I'm not a Bisping fan, but he has been impressive in his last couple of fights. I though he was gonna lose all of them, and yet he kept winning. I think if he survives that first round with Belfort, he will win. But when he faces Silva he will be viciously KO. He has 0 chance of beating Silva. Zero chance!

He gets a lot of flak around here, but I like Bisping.

Yeah, he has no chance of beating Silva, not even 1%.

If we wants to be at least semi-competitive, he was work on his takedowns and top game.

I think he means nightmare.

Dreams don't always come true

303 - I think he means nightmare.

Came in here to post this, it was the obvious response.

Can't believe no ones posted the H bomb gif yet,usually that's within the first 5 posts of any thread even lightly related to Michael bisping. Phone Post

let him bang, bro andy! Phone Post

Is he preparing for his dream by falling out of bed onto the floor each morning?

Jus kiddin.

I like Bisping and a fight with AS will be massive for the UFC.

I'm not really a fan of Bisping but I kinda bounce back and forth between liking and disliking him. That said I think he deserves a title shot if he wins his next fight. I'd like to see him fight Anderson before Andy retires. The dude has been hovering at the top of the division for a long time now.

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I find myself paying extra close attention to all English fighters hoping that one of them is good enough to bring a belt back to England before Bisping.

He deserves a shot. Can't wait to see him dismantled. Phone Post