Bisping defeats Sonnen!

War Bisping! Phone Post

Fuck it, SN bet. Any takers? Phone Post

No ones gonna take a goofy ass bet with a mud account thats 4 months old.

OriginalTUFer - LOL @ your tuckage by not entering the Thunderdome that is my thread. 

Like the reason below, not that it would matter. Just LOLing at you, and the rest of the Bisping fans, steering clear of any talk.

I have a standing 30day SN Bet offer to anyone with a name.

Can't search off phone. Phone Post

maxbrothersinc - Bet Phone Post

You're on. 30 days? I'll bump and pm you this weekend. Phone Post

Bisping got in Chael shit at the weigh in. I dont know who's going to win, but its going to be a war.

First time I've said This but......

War Bisping!!!!! Phone Post

Hmmmm let's see Miller got Bisping down easy before gassing. With Chael Bisping will be riding the canvas on his back the entire fight long or short. Bisping should just strap a mattress to his ass!

Stuart510 - Fuck it, SN bet. Any takers? Phone Post

I'll bet you Phone Post

Already got a bet in. Maybe next time. Phone Post

Stuart510 - Fuck it, SN bet. Any takers? <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Look no further.

I am Chael P. Sonnen's #1 fan

I'll bet with all comers, even if you are a turkey.


Rooting for bisping

Already accepted a bet. Ask the other Bisping fans who posted. Phone Post

war sonnen !!!!! Phone Post