Bisping Finally has my Respect!!!

He finally won me over during this fight

He looked good but Hamill still won.

bisping looks great at 185

he might be a rising star

they need to get him in the cage again quick

i wanna see him vs cote or leben

I won't be a fan until he admits Hammil won.

i wouldnt call myself a Bisping fan, but he did look impressive in this win. Hopefully he can keep it up and strengthen the MW class...

he won and didn't act like a douche. he scores points with me too.

double post.

Bisping was on fire tonight its beer deprevation I think. Good night for the Brits

that was the most humble he has ever been after a fight.

Leben would be awesome!!!

Im sure bisbing is so happy right now that he finally won you over !!!! yippee