Bisping has cuts on both sides?

Did you see the vaseline application>? Not a good way to start at fight bro.     Especially with a guy who has a longer reach.

(Find better people to train with.  They arent fighting tonight for six figures),

with a 5" reach disadvantage.   this will get bloody fast. 

He looks kinda worn down... Hope he didn't over trane Phone Post 3.0

Sorry and with respect, but Bisping may get retiired RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, who called that?  

Who care about cuts.  He got worked by a better man.   


Dan Hardy needs to stop with the partisanship. 

Bisping is so in this for the money.    All the trash talk to sell the fight and he got worked faster than his fight with Hendo. 


No respect for Bisping.  Sorry but Rockhold was such a better winner tonight with more restraint than I could imagine. So gracious in victory.