Bisping hits like a girl

...I'm just saying

He doesn't posses KO power imo. I like Mike actually so I'm not trying to hate...but he doesn't have a lot of finishing power.

Most of fights look like bad point fights. The fight with Leben, Dan Miller, and Vanderli were like that. He basically tries to stick and move and do just enough to get the Desc win. Very boring IMO...

 this girl?

How hard do you hit threestars?? If bisping hits like a girl then you must surely hit harder Phone Post

LOL ^ holy fuckin shit.....

Cyborg needs a challenger, Ya think she could cut to 145?

I don't recall Bisping ever rocking Vanderli. I do recall Vanderli almost Ko'ing Bisping at the end of the 3rd round.

meh, he definitely doesn't have a whole lot of power-punching ability, but he does have decent technique, and cardio.

this coming from an avid-Bisping hater