Bisping interview on BBC

the brit BBC news before you get weird. About losing his eye in particular. Nice bit of video too.
Makes reference to a documentary but I’m not sure what this is, if anyone knows?

Michael Bisping: Former UFC star looks back on remarkable career in new documentary - BBC Sport

I recently listened to Bisping’s audiobook. It was good. The documentary about him was mentioned in the book, and I meant to look into finding the documentary, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder OP.

The documentary is amazing. It’s on Amazon and other VOD platforms.

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He didnt lose his eye

i thought he had a false eye meaning he lost one but wow, looks like a false eye/front over the original? never knew that!

I have a documentary of his from like 2009 based in UK. Looks like it was filmed after he won TUF

It’s the new one that came out this week

I just watched Bisping on Prime. It was good, but the book was better.

Oh okay. I created a YouTube channel and uploaded this Bisping documentary and it ended up getting tons of views and Bisping fans were coming out of the woodwork asking where I got it, that they never saw it, etc etc. it was really good. And really early in his career.

I had like 600 fight videos up and someone from Japan flagged 3 of the videos at once so everything got deleted.

I’m thinking of uploading it all again. It’s always the Asian orgs that will strike you. UFC just removes it, they don’t strike anymore from my experience

Me neither. Sounds weird even ha ha.

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