Bisping just called out Weidman

@bisping: Weidman looked great last night. But no1 contender?
If that's the case I want to fight him and prove I'm the number 1 contender.
Let's do it Phone Post

Poor bisping... always trying to find a contender to defeat.

I think that is a tough fight for Bisping

Weidman by choke. Phone Post

I'm starting to think Bisping is mentally retarded or something... not only has he never beaten anyone worth mentioning, but he's COMING OFF A LOSS.... how the hell is someone coming off a loss the #1 contender. compare that to someone who just beat two top-10 fighters.. i'd still like to see it, Weidman would maul him

Bisping needs to go to back of the line.

Go fight Paul harris or Munoz, someone who's coming off a loss, just like him. Phone Post

 Would watch... and root for Weidman.

Bisping gets finished Phone Post

Ducking Belcher... He would rather be submitted than knocked out! Smart man Phone Post

Weidman is a top 10 MW so Bisping has no chance of winning. Phone Post

poor mike , so delusional

is he fighting belcher?

he just lost to chael and he wants to be top contender?

he loses to any top ten

Bisping would win, he is an asshole but he really is a solid fighter

That fight with Chael could've easily gone his way. Bisping is better than people give him credit for. That being said Weidman is a beast and I would favor him in that fight. Phone Post

Good matchup. Bisping has a style that could give weidman problems. Would let us know where chris stands and if he wins he just added a big name to his resume Phone Post

That's a good fight for title shot imo.

Nothing wrong with Bisping stepping up to the plate and Weidman's got to be delighted with that opportunity.

Zuffa, you know what to do.


I 100% agree that Bisping is underrated, but that's a tough fight for Mike imo.

bisping would light weidman up standing without a doubt. sure he probably wont KO him but his footwork is on a different level to munoz who has zero footwork. this fight would be very entertaining and intriguing Phone Post

 chris needs another fight before anderson. i think he would beat down bisping pretty good. and if you cannot beat bisping, you cannot beat andy

 I hate admitting it, but Bisping is a tough fight and I think he should have to go through a Bisping to get a title shot. I also like Weidman having more fights under his belt.  

one win over munoz and people are all over weidmans nuts. have you forgotten how awful he looked against maia? blame short notice all you like but im not sold on him yet as the #1 contender Phone Post